William Wimberly is a contract licensed geologist and driller that is available for various assignments and opportunities. Please see William’s work experience below.

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William Wimberly is a licensed geologist and well driller who has spent his career working in the environmental, geological, and drilling industries.  He began his career as a regulator with the State of South Carolina overseeing RCRA/hazardous waste groundwater assessment and remediation. He also assisted in writing the state’s Underground Storage Tank Regulations while employed as manager of that program.

After leaving the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental (SCDHEC), he started an environmental services company that specialized in hydrostatic testing of underground tanks and piping systems, groundwater assessment/remediation, and environmental drilling and construction. After building a very successful and profitable company through the 1990’s, it was sold in 2000. William then owned a water well drilling company in the early 2000s and subsequently has worked independently as a contract geologist and project manager. He has worked all over the United States and internationally on diverse and interesting assignments, some of which are detailed on his resume, which can be accessed on this site.


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William continues to work in this field and seeks contract, temporary, or as needed assignments of varying duration. William is experienced in all types of ground water assessment and remediation, oil field environmental work, DOD/DOE and federal facility assignments, and multiple coal ash projects. Although he is no longer drilling, he is available to supply “A” level drilling licenses for drilling projects in North and South Carolina. He is familiar with both states’ drilling regulations and required form submittals. He also possesses National Groundwater Association Certified Well Driller (CWD) certifications in various drilling technologies. In addition to the well drilling licenses, William has Professional Geologist (PG) licenses in nine states (please see resume for details). He maintains OSHA HAZWOPER training and has other safety certifications.

William is willing to travel nationally or internationally and can assist in report preparations/proposals from his office in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Reputable and extensive references can be provided. Some of these are included on this site.

Work Experience Locations

North Carolina, Hydrogeologist and Licensed Well Driller
South Carolina, Hydrogeologist and Licensed Well Driller
Virginia, Hydrogeologist and Project Manager
Kentucky, Hydrogeologist and Project Manager
Tennessee, Hydrogeologist and Project Manager
Georgia, Hydrogeologist and Construction Oversight
Florida, Hydrogeologist and Construction Oversight
Mississippi, Hydrogeologist and Project Management
Texas, Hydrogeologist and Oil Field Well Rehabilitation
New Mexico, Hydrogeologist and Water Well Drilling Oversight
Ohio, Hydrogeologist and Construction Oversight
Iowa, Hydrogeologist and Injection Tool Consultant
Oregon, Hydrogeologist and Injection Tool Consultant
New York, Hydrogeologist and Injection Tool Consultant
Michigan, Hydrogeologist and Injection Tool Consultant
Brussels, Belgium, Hydrogeologist and Injection Tool Consultant
Calgary, Alberta, Injection Tool Technician and Consultant
Colorado, Hydrogeologist and Well Drilling Oversight
North Dakota, Hydrogeologist and Project Management


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Professional Geologist, South Carolina, #906

Professional Geologist, Tennessee, #562

Professional Geologist, Kentucky, #175

Professional Geologist, Virginia, #1046

Professional Geologist, Alabama, #1444

Professional Geologist, Mississippi #0945

Professional Geologist, North Carolina, #1511

Professional Geologist, Arkansas, #3024

Professional Geologist, Texas, #154

Licensed Well Driller – A Level, South Carolina, #1311

Well Contractor License – A Level, North Carolina, #3876 A

National Groundwater Association (NGWA) Certified Well Driller

Licensed Real Estate Broker, North Carolina, South Carolina